Hello! I'm Kaamil

I'm a graphically and interactively focused developer, with a passion for harnessing the power of novel interactive experiences, and how they can be used to share ideas and emotions to educate and tell stories.

Liking the photo? See "Cross-Hatch Post Processing Effect" in personal work.

Team Projects

Unity C# September - December 2021

Moonsighted is a third-person hack-and-slash adventure about the effects of progress on the cave's environment amongst moon-worshiping moths trapped in a cavern. Play as Mairu, a miner that harnesses the power of crystals known as ilarka, augmenting their body with arcane powers from the cave’s precious natural resource.

- Custom markup language for game dialogue and events
- Reusable dialogue speaker customization
- Game state and responsive ambient effects
- Readable and reusable structure for game tips
- Conducted playtests and documented development process

Diabetic Blood Glucose Simulator
Unity C# October 2020 - March 2021

This project was a diabetic blood glucose simulator for the non-profit Glucose Trail. Play as Sam, a cute character that can eat, rest, exercise or medicate for each hour of the day, and watch their blood glucose change to learn about diabetes.

- Blood glucose estimation events for food, exercise, rest and medication using real medical estimation factors, including the TDI (total daily insulin), ICR (insulin to carb ratio), and the idea of METS (an exercise measurement)
- Game state, and achievement based badge system.
- History structure to track player interactions to calculate total "health score"

Sliptime Sleuth
Unity C# March - June 2020

In Sliptime Sleuth, play as a P.I. with a twist. In this time-traveling puzzle game, utilize your handy gadget to take on a variety of contract work, slipping through time in order to earn an honest buck. 

- Puzzle design and creation to balance difficulty, feasibility and engagement
- Lighting and background interpolation
- Conducted playtests and debugged core issues upon launching.

Gone Phishing
Unity C# January 2020

Gone Phishing is an isometric fishing game that mixes the concept of phishing, a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information, with the literal physical act of fishing. Compete against another team to craft advertisements as bait and fish for the people below.

- Fish people spawning and object pooling
- Bait and fish desire comparisons and calculations
- Unity animator and state machine setup
- Lighting and scene setup

Personal Projects

Graphic and artistic oriented experimental projects.
Interactive Sketches
Three JS, Javascript, GLSL 

This is a collection of visual micro-interactions based off mouse movement, using a combination of orginal art, vertex and fragment shaders in ThreeJS.  By changing shader values based off of mouse position, a static art piece becomes interactive! Press spacebar or use the dropdown in the top left to change pages. See it live..

WebGL, Javascript 

"Assimilation" is a pixel painter using two fragment shaders, inspired by simulations such as Conway's Game of Life. Each color channel, red, green and blue, compete in a cycle of growing and overlapping, leaving amazing images in their wake. See it live..

Cross-Hatch Post Processing Effect
Unity Shadergraph, HLSL

This is a custom post processing using a graphics blit on the camera's render. The resulting material made from the custom shader takes four textures and layers them based on the pixel's value. This affect works in real time! 

Radial Geometry Shader
Unity Shadergraph, HLSL, Unity C#

These geometric formations are created with a C# script that stores the vertex angle and spatial data in its color attribute. A vertex shader reads this data to radially place vertices around a center point and draw triangles. A C# script changes their material attributes in real-time to animate the forms. See it in action..

Peace at the Water
Three JS, Javascript

"Peace at the Water" is a simple, peaceful interaction created with ThreeJS and the gsap animation library. When a user clicks on the screen, they skip a stone into the distance, creating torus shaped ripples that grow and fade over time. See it live..

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