Unity C# September - December 2021

Moonsighted is a third-person hack-and-slash adventure about the effects of progress on the cave's environment amongst moon-worshiping moths trapped in a cavern. Play as Mairu, a miner that harnesses the power of crystals known as ilarka, augmenting their body with arcane powers from the cave’s precious natural resource.

- Custom markup language for game dialogue and events
- Reusable dialogue speaker customization
- Game state and responsive ambient effects
- Readable functions to trigger game tips
- Conducted playtests and documented development process

Development Experience

I worked on Moonsighted on a team of four. It was a great experience to work with a high efficiency, respectful team to make the majority of the Moonsighted demo in six weeks. In this particular project, I assumed a high level role of connecting the dialogue, character and enemy subsystems together to create the game's structure. We designed the structure so that each subsystem would change a variable in a game state scriptable object. The game state, which indicated player progress and health caused changes in environmental post processing effects, UI, and NPC interactions to propel the game forward.

I also created the dialogue and event sub-systems within the game based off of a text file, so that any team member could contribute to the game's dialogue and story by writing each scene like a play. I used string parsing to create our own syntax within the game's dialogue script to separate and deliver each line of dialogue so that it came from the correct in-game character. I utilized scriptable objects for the dialogue portrait, color and sound customization. To add clarity to the game, I also created game tool tips that could be called to point players in the right direction. I worked with DOTween to make the UI transition in and out smoothly.

Overall, developing Moonsighted was a great experience to synergize with a team, split up the work and pull all our pieces together to form a final project. It was a great exercise in scope, timelines, organization, work balance and open communication.

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